Our vision is to inspire others to seek their inner creative self!  By demonstrating innovative approaches to education, we hope to empower educators to energize students and promote the importance of resiliency, self-love, and life-long learning.

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Our Initiative to Uplift Every Learner

The Wordsmith Initiative demonstrates  their love for education and learning across multiple arenas that seek to express and teach the importance of individuality in schools, educators, and students. Focusing on the needs of learners as individuals is how TWI ensures educational programs are diverse and rich for all students.


The Wordsmith Initiative is based on the principle that education must be designed to support the individual learner.  Positive connections make a lasting impact on students. 

The Pupil Premise™ is a specialized approach to education that bridges home, school, and community. It examines who the influencers are in a child's life and how collectively they make an imprint on a child's emotional and academic health. The Wordsmith Initiative offers programs that build stronger bridges for at-risk students.  We also provide workshops and trainings that inspire and empower educators to connect with students.  All workshops are available both virtually and in person. Contact us to learn more about:

Building Bridges & Banishing Biases™

Trickle Down Effect(iveness)™

Combating Pandemic ACEs™

The Pupil Premise™


The Wordsmith Initiative continues to write and publish works that are timely and pertinent to children.  The partners look to complete projects that are both high interest and high content!  They believe the best way to engage learners is to speak directly to them!  Children learn best when they can identify with the story and feel entertained too.


We never stop learning!  The Wordsmith Initiative believes the best teachers continue to seek ways to learn from one another and share ideas.  TWI feels these are not "my students," but "our students."  The Wordsmith Initiative teaches workshops on:

-Cross-Curricular Integration

-Effectively Managing Vertical Alignment    -Innovative Lessons that Drive Learning

-Engaging Learners: From Text to Mastery

-Student Authors: A Collaborative Project 

-Building the Language Foundation



The Wordsmith Initiative are educators with over thirty years experience. Our vision is that teachers, schools and communities create successful students! We provide guidance to the administrators, faculty, and families on how to develop a whole pupil-whole family mindset.
The Pupil Premise™ focuses on the individual needs of each learner and who the key influencers are in their life.  Healthy relationships build resilience and productive individuals.     
Our programs, curriculum recommendations, and innovative techniques create an effective learning environment. The Wordsmith Initiative strategies are designed to help improve a school's rankings and academic standing, but more importantly emotionally healthy and resilient learners!

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    The Wordsmith Initiative has always been enthusiastic about introducing techniques that engage and empower learners and build resiliency!

    They are humbled to have turned their passion for teaching into a thriving career as professional consultants, authors, and educators! Read on to find samples of their work, a detailed bio, and more.