Who Is The Wordsmith Initiative?

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    The Wordsmith Initiative began its partnership in 2020 with the debut of their first published book, Hope in the Darkness: Suzi and Lulu's Covid-19 Journey.  But this partnership has been in the works for years! These two educators have collaborated on innovative educational programs, student resiliency plans, and student growth projects.  The desire for education to accommodate the individual learner in an engaging and enriching manner helped The Wordsmith Initiative come to life!   

      These partners desire for every student to feel empowered and understood!  The Pupil Premise™ focuses on the influencers in a child's life and how positive relationships uplift, heal, and empower children.  The duo have a multitude of workshops that help educators master the skills to uplift every learner! Their programs address underlying behavior issues related to past trauma and adverse life experiences.

    The Wordsmith Initiative continues to push educational boundaries as they design and teach seminars to inspire resiliency and strength among diverse student populations. With over thirty years of teaching and backgrounds in administration, child psychology and counseling, these partners are well versed in the needs of students and how to support teachers as they promote the success of all learners.

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